Weight lifting wrist wraps

Weight lifting wrist wraps: grips, hooks or straps find what are the best

Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps have a main purpose.

They help you focus on a target muscle without the issue of loosing your grip.

Also they can help to diminish the stress in your wrists experienced while a lifting session.

As well the use of wrist wraps for lifting will allow you to lift and hold a heavier weight.

Benefits of wrist wraps for lifting:
  • Increase your grip to dumbbell, barbell, racks and others.
  • Allows you to lift heavier weight without risking your wrist joint to an injury.
  • Let you train more frequently without hurting your wrist.
  • Provide additional support to your wrist.
But be aware

Is important to know that as well as Crossfit wrist wraps you shouldn’t use them for every workout.

Principally because you can develop weakness on your wrist muscles and forearms muscles

Always remember to do a few sets without wrist wraps.

Types of Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

They all provide support to your wrist, but they can provide additional grip and prevent accidental drops as we can see with the following kinds.

The main types used in weight lifting and powerlifting are:

Lifting Grips

They provide additional grip to your hand due to a piece of material that covers the palm of your hand. It also acts as a palm protector in some cases (depending on the material).

Lifting Hooks

These comes with a solid hook attached to the wrist support, they provide additional grip and prevent drop and grip fails. They are adjustable in most cases.

Lifting Straps

The most common in powerlifting, they provide additional grip trough the wrist support they const in a strap that goes around your wrist and around the bar keeping it attach to your hand.

Lifting Wraps

These are pretty much the same as lifting straps but provide more support to the wrist due to a wrap that keeps the wrist tight. Usually adjustable with Velcro.

When To Use Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

You should be wearing them whenever that you are lifting a weight superior to what you usually lift.

Once you’re comfortable with a new weight focus on lifting without wrist wraps to develop strength on your wrist and forearms muscles.

Equipment/routines to put on your wrist wraps:
  • Dumbbell lifts
  • Barbell rows
  • Dumbbell shrugs
  • Rack pulls
  • Curls pull ups

They can be a big help when you are recovering from a wrist injury.

Top best wrist wraps for lifting

We’ve made some reviews on our favorites grips, hooks, straps and wraps. They’re all great quality and great for any level from beginner to veteran.

Here is our selection:

1. Harbinger Lifting Grips

Feels beefy and you can trust them a lot of weight, are the most comfortable I’ve found also great for isolation and forget about sweaty palms. Exceptional support around the wrist too!.

Available at amazon

2. Cobra Grips PRO

The grip is amazing and the padding on the wrist is perfect. They are not cheap and feel very premium well that’s because they are premium. These have probably the most ideal design for getting maximum grip without neglecting using your forearms.

Available at amazon

3. Harbinger Lifting Hooks

The wrapping around the wrist is very comfortable and you can get it perfectly tight. The hooks are great quality they didn’t bend at all. A particular benefit that these have over most other weightlifting hooks is that you can adjust the reach by moving the hook from one side of the attaching strap to the other.

Available at amazon

4. Nayoya Lifting Wraps

Great price! but quality is on another level, overall the quality of the product for the price is 10 out of 10. They’re great for back, traps, or any kind of pulling motion. Very easy to grip super heavy weight without putting too much pressure on wrists or cutting into them.

Available at amazon

5. Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps

They have a nice dense foam pad along the inside of the strap where it pulls tight along the top side of your wrist. Anvil Fitness is a small family owned operation so expect a good care about it’s customers. They work great and feel great.

Available at amazon


I hope this little article help you out on selecting your new pair.

If you already have a favorite pair, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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