crossfit wrist wraps

CrossFit wrist wraps and how to use wrist wraps for CrossFit

This is the definitive guide on wrist wraps for CrossFit.

Every ups and downs tested by me & friends.

Through tons of repetitions and hardcore sets.

Ready to become a master on the use of wrist wraps.

Let’s jump in.

What is a wrist wrap?

A wrist wrap is a variety of strip/belt/band that goes around your wrist.

They provide additional support to the wrist.

Are sold in pairs, one for each wrist (apparently ha ha).

Usually are made of cotton/polyester/elastic/leather our favorites are made of Kangaroo leather (I know right).

For CrossFit wrist wraps you may want the most durable.

As they take a bunch of rips and scratches while training.

Can be a huge help when the wrists are taking too much stress.

Although you should not wear them all the time.

As your wrist muscles could develop weakness.

Knowing this…

When should you use wrist wraps?

The best case scenarios to start using wrist wraps are:

  • If you had a wrist injury recently.
  • When your are increasing weight to a lifting routine.
  • Heavy workouts that involve overhead movements positions.
  • If you’ve been experiencing discomfort in your wrist while training.

CrossFit wrist wraps can help you focus on specific muscles more effectively.

Also allows you to train more often.

So you can increase the number of sets/repetitions.

Given the high intensity involved in CrossFit workouts.

They fit perfect for most of the routines.

Avoiding excessive extensions that can mess your form.

And lead to injuries.

Let’s  list up the benefits we’ve found on CrossFit wrist wraps.

CrossFit wrist wraps

Always do a few reps without wrist wraps, to avoid developing weakness in your wrist muscles.

CrossFit wrist wraps: Benefits?

  • Provide additional support to the wrist joint.
  • Don’t let wrist wobble detract.
  • Avoid sprain and strain injuries.
  • Reduce the pressure and pain in the wrist.
  • Increase the number of sets/repetitions.
  • Help the wrist recover from recent injuries.
  • Allows you to focus effectively on specific muscles.

Now.. you may be wondering what is the right way to wear them.

How to wear them right?

Alright, first let’s identify what types are available.

Strength wraps

Are the most common for CrossFit, easy to use and durable, but can be a bit rough to the skin.

These consist in a strip of cotton/polyester with a string at the end.

Are very thin and usually machine washable.

Wear them this way:

  1. Put the end without the string over your inner wrist.
  2. Start wrapping across the back and inner of the wrist.
  3. Pull the body of the wrap pressing your wrist but not too tight.
  4. Once you get to the end, do a knot with the string.

Be sure to:

  • Don’t place them too low, they must be above the wrist crease.
  • Don’t pull them too tight.
  • Don’t warm up with strength wraps.

Wrist wraps

These are super comfy and very practical to use.

Consist in a sort of belt for your wrist with a loop in one end and Velcro at the other.

Three simple steps to wear them right:

  1. Put your thumb inside the loop
  2. The wrap should pass across the back of the wrist.
  3. Pull it tight and lock the Velcro.

Be aware:

  • Don’t place them too low, they must be above the wrist crease.
  • Don’t pull them too tight.
  • Do not warm up with wrist wraps.


Our truly favorites.

The main difference is that grips come with palm protector which also provides extra grip for weight lifting.

Consist in a belt with Velcro and the palm protector with two or three holes for your middle fingers.

You almost can’t go wrong putting on these:

  1. Put your middle fingers trough the holes.
  2. Pull the belt and lock the Velcro.


  • The palm protector must be in the inner side of your hand.
  • Don’t pull them too tight.
  • Do not warm up with your grips on.

And last, but not least..

Which wrist wraps buy?

CrossFit wrist wraps must be:

Comfy Durable Non-stretch

I’ve been on every brand, every model and here’s my top:

Top best wrist wraps CrossFit


best wrist wraps for crossfit

These pair will last forever.

Comfy as it can be and non-stretch.

The best feature is the palm protector of quality Kangaroo leather.

For me a palm protector for CrossFit is a must.

It will keep your palm free of wounds/stabs/sores.

Roogrips Link

2. Rogue’s Strength Wraps

Strenght Wraps

There are multitude of colors and designs if you want to match them.

They feel premium and last for long enough.

Are breathable and flexible its a good fit for CrossFit.

Allows you more movement than others without loosing support.

Rogue's Link

3. Bear Grips

Bear Grips wrist wraps for crossfit

Very very comfy.

And cheap but great quality.

If these ones had a palm protector they could be my absolute favorites.

Great support for your writs for a small price.

Amazon Link

4. Evolutionize wrist wraps

Evolutionize wrist wraps

Down here it just get’s inexpensive.

These are great for a while but after long sessions get quite rough to the skin.

Are good quality, a great purchase since they cost less than $15.

They fit great to your wrist and wont loose so easily.

Amazon Link

5. WODFitters Grips

wrist wraps for crossfit

These are just pretty good.

Definitely ready for CrossFit.

They will give you an awesome grip and a resistant palm protector.

Inexpensive too. Are not the best quality but is a great purchase for its price.

They come with a free bag for carrying your grips together.

Amazon Link

That's it!

There’s all you need to know about CrossFit wrist wraps.

But we won’t stop now, right?

Let me know what are your favorite wrist wraps CrossFit.

Down here.

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